Early hours of the third day…

This is the third day. I haven’t made it to the campus yet but it is still noon. It is Christmas time and Ayhan, who hosts me, is extremely busy. We will rent a car soon and I can then be mobile. Today Ayhan Yuce was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article. Congratulations Ayhan!

Last night I, Ertan and Ebru met. Ebru did something amazing and after checking her luggages, she missed the flight in Dallas! Ertan and I went to Hobby Airport to pick her luggages and George Bush Intercontinental Airport  to pick up her who could come later. So we did virtually traveled all the city from one end to the other.

Ertan and Erkan at House of Pies. 

We went to House of Pies at Kirby Drive to have coffee and food. Ertan likes the place only for good talk but not for food but he had to put up with us due to his infinite hospitality. This all day open diner was one of my favorites spots where I would always find peace and happiness in my three-year stay.  I and Ebru re-stated the fact that my third year in Houston, that is, 2003-4 academic year,  was probably our happiest year in our lives. Ertan did not admit that but I am sure it was one of the best years for him, too.  So we have met again after 4 years when I was back in Houston for a short time.

I talked to Ana Wandless, another grad student who is defending next week. It looks like our moods are quite similar at the moment. I don’t know what she did last night, but I had some annoying dreams about my defense. I should go to campus as soon as possible and talk to my professors…

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