"Monitoring the supply of heroin to Europe

Monitoring the supply of heroin to Europe

Source: European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction

In recent years, anxiety in Europe has increased about the impact of record opium harvests in Afghanistan, and a decrease in heroin retail prices. This datasheet provides a condensed review of the key issues about how heroin manufactured from Afghan opium reaches European consumers via the Balkan and northern routes.

MAIN FOCUS: EU soldiers in the Congo? | 31/10/2008


Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Now France’s Foreign Minister Bernard Couchner has called for 1,500 European soldiers to be deployed to the crisis region. Europe’s press questions whether an EU military mission could indeed help the situation in the Congo.

Free to believe?

German example gives Turkey church dispute new focus

Shaping the NATO-EU relationship

EU countries are "better placed to serve transatlantic security interests within the NATO alliance than as members of a supra-national and anti-democratic institution," writes Sally McNamara, senior policy analyst for EU affairs at the Margaret Thatcher Centre for Freedom, in an October paper for the Heritage Foundation.

EU-Russia relations expected to deteriorate if McCain wins

Europe might find it harder to maintain good relations with Russia if Republican nominee John McCain wins the US presidential election, according to scholars surveyed by EurActiv. Despite McCain’s much larger experience of European affairs, Obama is widely considered to be more supportive of EU policies and better suited to improving the overall mood of transatlantic security relations.

Haider, the undetected Austrofascist

By Robert Menasse

Jörg Haider was on the brink of a political comeback when he died in a car accident in October. Throughout his career, Haider’s critics in Austria made a disastrous mistake, writes Robert Menasse. They suspected him of fascism, yet didn’t understand it correctly.

Social Expansion versus Social Fragmentation by Ingo Piepers

By Guy La Roche

In August I pointed our readers to a number of essays written by Dutch military analyst Ingo Piepers.

Ingo Piepers has now contacted AFOE to bring to our attention a new thought-provoking paper entitled Social Expansion versus Social Fragmentation, Don’t take Europe for granted (pdf). One quote:


By yuvakuran

IF Sen. Barack Obama is elected president, our re public will survive, but our international strategy and some of our allies may not. His first year in office would conjure globe-spanning challenges as our enemies piled on to exploit his weakness.

Add in Sen. Joe Biden – with his track record of calling every major foreign-policy crisis wrong for 35 years – as vice president and de facto secretary of State, and we’d face a formula for strategic disaster.

Daily Telegraph rant today

By Edward Lucas

Russia, Georgia and the EU: Victory for the Kremlin?

Britain’s shameful U-turn on Russia is alarming many in Eastern Europe, says Edward Lucas

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