"New equation on the ?Kurdish Issue?….

New equation on the ‘Kurdish Issue’ by MÜMTAZ’ER TÜRKÖNE

The Kurdish issue — the country’s biggest problem — is now entering a very different stage. Both sides of the issue have come to the fore. On one side is the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Democratic Society Party (DTP).

Dealing with the Kurdish problem

By RADİKAL İSMET BERKAN on Turkish Press Review

The solution involves a government minister with the title of “deputy prime minister” and his delegation: a minister who can oversee not only the military aspect to the fight against terror but also other dimensions as well, a person who receives his authority directly from the prime minister himself and who is equipped with a permanent group of military leaders who are able to direct the entire military’s General Staff.

Government denies anti-terror briefing content

Chief of Staff Gen. İlker Başbuğ proposed a groundbreaking move to confront terrorism in the Southeast during a closed Cabinet meeting, several pro-government daily newspapers have

Turkish court speeds up reading Ergenekon indictment
Hürriyet, Turkey

Ergenekon prosecutor promotion delayed by HSYK
Today’s Zaman, Turkey

EU breaks its silence on Turkey’s Ergenekon
Hürriyet, Turkey

Trial continues with reading of indictment
Today’s Zaman, Turkey

CHP seeks office via Ergenekon

In Columnists

We call the Ergenekon trial the case of the century. Why do we care so much about this case? If this case is corrupted and ends up a fiasco, Ergenekon will come to power.

Political vacuum in military guardianship

In Columnists

Politics is shaped within a different process of habits in every nation in the world. From the various ways in which politicians address each other to how politicians should behave in different situations, there is a whole range of specific characteristics to national political ways which, over time, become rooted and unchanging.

Disaster scenarios for Turkey

The Turkish economy is “on a dangerous path” and in urgent need of funding, according to articles in three prominent newspapers yesterday. Citing a “newly published estimate” by Deutsche Bank,

Who pushed the button in the Southeast?

Barçin Yinanç

CHP boycott of Gül marks Republic Day celebrations

The Republican People’s Party did not attend Republic Day celebrations held at Parliament yesterday, in protest of President Abdullah Gül. The Democratic Left Party joined the boycott of the

Consensus reached in combat with terror


The Constitutional Court always does this

By STAR, MUSTAFA ERDOĞAN on Turkish Press Review

The decision taken by the Constitutional Court to render null and void amendments made to Articles 10 and 42 of the Turkish Constitution are, quite rightly, the focus of intense criticism these days.

An injured republic


The formation of Turkey as a new republic in 1923 was, of course, the decision of the leadership elite, but it was also important on a worldwide level from the perspective of history and from the sense of will and volition that independence brought about.

Nakşibendis, İskenderpaşa Cemaati, and Electoral Politics (Part 2 of 5)

By Gyro

(Mahmud) Esad Coşan Just before he died, Nakşibendi Sheik Mehmet Zahid Kotku is known to have directed Necmettin Erbakan to go into politics on behalf of the order. Kotku has also directed his son-in-law Esad Coşan to take over the leadership of the order. Coşan took over the leadership mantle after Kotku passed away on November 13, 1980; just 2 months after the Sept 12 coup. Coşan led his

Nepotism Among AKP Bureaucrats and the Political-Islam Elite

By Gyro

Turkish Sugar Plants Director General (Şeker Fabrikaları Genel Müdürü) Azmi Aksu is… the brother of Abdulkadir Aksu who served as former Minister of Interior under ANAP and then joined Erbakan’s RP. Turkish Railways Administration Director General (TCDD Genel Müdürü) Süleyman Karaman is… PM Erdogan’s close friend and Minister of Transportation Binali Yıldırım’s relative. Turkish Collective

Alienation of the republic from the public

In Columnists

Following the 85th anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Republic, discussions on its 85-year adventure continue, with many commentators complaining that an elitist group which sees the republic as its own asset and a medium to preserve its privileges has alienated it from the public under the pretense of “protecting” it.

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