"Obama and the EU

MAIN FOCUS: Obama and the EU | 30/10/2008

A week before the US elections the European press asks why the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is so popular in Europe. Some hope that if Obama becomes president he will improve the trans-Atlantic relationship, others warn against being overly optimistic.

Biometric identifcation by body language

By David Pescovitz

The GreenDot Project aims to train software to recognize a person by the unique fingerprint of body language. New York University computer science professor Chris Bregler tells me that the GreenDot Project "is DOD funded for some biometrics application, but we also applied it to lots of public figures, including the current Presidential candidates." From the project page:

‘Diplopia’ in looking at the US elections

By STAR, ESER KARAKAŞ on Turkish Press Review

The importance of the US elections does not result from the fact that a black man may be elected to the White House. Only 12 percent of the population in the US is black.

The illusion surrounding Obama’s presidency by BALKAN DEVLEN

In Op-Ed

There is global euphoria about US Sen. Barack Obama nowadays. Many think he will bring change and a new direction to America’s foreign policy. Turkey is no exception.

Obama Leads McCain in Newspaper Endorsements 174 to 69

By Munir Umrani on Newspapers

Editor & Publisher, which has done a great job keeping up with newspapers endorsing Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama and Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain during the current American general election season, noted in an October 26, 2008, post:

Obama Will Win Back Europe’s Support

From the Editorial Team: Europe is the United States’ best partner, argues Charles A. Kupchan of Georgetown. An Obama administration will work hard towards a renewal of transatlantic relations and pursue a more liberal internationalist agenda, but also ask Europe for greater assistance.

Obama is the better choice

The challenges facing the next US president will be extraordinary. We hesitate to wish it on anyone, but we hope the Democrat gets the job

Religious freedom & U.S. foreign policy

By Thomas F. Farr on Secularism & international relations

Ten years ago today President Clinton signed the landmark International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA), a law its supporters hoped would put religious freedom at the core of American foreign policy. During the ensuing decade IRF policies have produced admirable and encouraging results, including humanitarian successes and institutional first steps toward altering the secularist culture at the State Department.

Davutoğlu opines on Barack Obama

By SABAH, MAHMUT ÖVÜR on Turkish Press Review

US presidential elections are always important, but this time around the entire world is focusing on these elections because of two reasons in particular.

A new era in US-Turkish relations?

Less than one week ahead of the US presidential election, Turkish-US relations and Turkey’s role in its neighboring regions were the subject of a one-day conference organized by the SETA Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research and the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C.

Florida Rights Restoration Coalition

Three ads from the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition (FRRC). It is their mission to have Florida join the 40 states in the nation that automatically restore the civil rights of all individuals with past felony convictions upon completion of non-monetary terms of their sentences. found in Have your rights been restored?

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