I have been hearing in the news that the Prison is being prepared for this big trial for a month now. As a consequence of special Turkish planning mentality, the trial stopped short after it started because the room was not nig enough!

The judge adjourned for half an hour after he stated that was the biggest room they could find. 

The list of accused. 

Ergenekon trial becomes one of the 7 big trials in Turkish judiciary history:

MSP DAVASI: Necmettin Erbakan’ın Genel Başkanlığı’nı yaptığı ve 1981 yılında kapatılan Milli Selamet Partisi ile ilgili davada ise 1985 yılında sonuçlanırken tüm sanıklar beraat etti.

DEV SOL DAVASI: Dev-Sol davasında yargılanan sanık sayısında ise rekora ulaşıldı. Bin 243 kişinin yargılandığı dava henüz kesin olarak sonuçlanmadı.

YASSIADA DAVALARI: 1950-1960 döneminde Başbakanlık yapan Demokrat Parti Genel Başkanı Adnan Menderes’in idam edilmesi ile sonuçlandı. Yassıada’da yapılan yargılama sonrasında Menderes’le birlikte Menderes ve Dışişleri Bakanı Fatin Rüştü Zorlu ile Maliye Bakanı Hasan Polatkan da idam edildi.

12 EYLÜL DAVALARI: 12 Eylül 1980 tarihinden sonra da çok sanıklı davalar ardarda geldi. Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi davası ile ilgili olarak o dönemde genel başkanlık görevini yürüten Alpaslan Türkeş’le birlikte 392 kişi yargılandı. Yargılama yıllarca devam etti.

DİSK DAVASI: Barış Davası’nda aydınlar, DİSK Davası’nda da yüzlerce sendikacı hakkında dava açıldı. Aylarca süren bu davalarda da sanıkların çoğu beraat ederken, bazı sanıklar hakkındakı suçlamalar zaman aşımına uğradı.

DENİZ GEZMİŞ DAVASI: Deniz Gezmiş ve arkadaşları Ankara 1 Numaralı Sıkıyönetim Mahkemesi’nde yargılandılar. Deniz Gezmiş, Yusuf Aslan ve Hüseyin İnan’ın cezaları 6 Mayıs 1972 tarihinde infaz edildi. 

 Under normal conditions it will take 10 days to finish reading the Indictment…


Kemal Alemdaroğlu. One of the accuseds. A big time provocateur.  As a former rector of Istanbul University, he is personally responsible for spreading the headscarf ban and inciting the last decade’s row on headscarf. He may escape from arrest in the end but i would not mind if he did rot in prison… 

Ergenekon trial begins in Turkey 20/10 07:44 CET euronews
Ergenekon case: Trial of the century starts today Today’s Zaman
Turkey puts 86 on trial over planned coup Times Online
Independent – Aljazeera.net

Turkey set for mass terror trial

More than 80 people are to go on trial in Istanbul, accused of being part of an ultra-nationalist group intent on armed insurrection.

Turkey: Conspiracy Trial Should Probe Military’s Role (Human Rights Watch, 17-10-2008)


Suspected coup plotters go on trial in Turkey
ISTANBUL (AFP) — A Turkish court was set to begin hearing a case Monday against 86 people accused of membership in a shadowy armed group that plotted to
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Telegraph.co.uk – United Kingdom
The trial, which followed an investigation into the discovery of hand grenades in Istanbul in June 2007, has fuelled tensions between supporters of Prime
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As Turkey plunges into the Ergenekon case

One can see how divisive and explosive the issue is by looking at how it was represented in the press yesterday. Divided into two camps, some newspapers had headlines such as "Confrontation" or "Trial of the century," others just ignored it.

Joy of Ergenekon


If no last minute changes are made, the Ergenekon case will commence on Monday. Frequent readers of this column should know that I have long refrained from making mention of Ergenekon.

Shadows of Ergenekon by MÜMTAZ’ER TÜRKÖNE

Next week, Turkey will concentrate on a very different agenda when the trial begins Monday for the Ergenekon case. In this way, the most comprehensive and complicated lawsuit of the country’s recent past will start.

If General Tells Your Media "Comply or else!", What Would You Do?

By Ozi

DEAR BABELIANS, let’s imagine, how would you react if top general of your countries army shouts press, threats, tells them to choose their front, just after his mistakes revealed by an newspaper? Please read our article on http://istanbul.cafebabel./en/ and tell us what would be possible reactions of your officers and citizen? We would like know what would be European reaction? Please write your comments below with the name of your country, Cafebabel Istanbul will inform Turkish press about European reactions. BASBUG1 Chief of General Staff Gen. İlker Başbuğ spoke at a hastily arranged press conference yesterday in the northwestern province of Balıkesir. Başbuğ’s unusually strong words against the media sparked criticism from many circles across the country.

Assessing a situation as the dust rises


First and foremost, the style adopted by Gen. Başbuğ was wrong. In a way, the very accusation he made against the media, that the media had encouraged terror, was in fact precisely what he did.

Where does the PKK stand now?


Leaving aside for a moment the problem of the style that he adopted in speaking these words, there were no real errors in the statement from Chief of General Staff Gen. İlker Başbuğ when he said, "Those who portray the actions of the divisive terror group as successful are partners in the responsibility for every drop of blood that is spilled."

Aktütün debate good for both army and democracy

On Oct. 3, 17 Turkish soldiers were killed in an attack by the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on the Aktütün military outpost in southeastern Turkey. On Oct. 7 newspapers printed a picture of Air Force Commander Gen. Aydoğan Babaoğlu on vacation playing golf the day after the attack.

Turkish military and the Kurdish question

At the heart of the Kurdish question lies an "imagined Turkish nation" which is assumed to be ethnically homogenous and politically equal. Such an imagined nation came out of a concern that without a unified and homogenous nation, territorial and political integrity of the new republic could not be sustained.

Dancing with the Kurds

How should one interpret Ankara’s recent openings to Arbil? It seems that Turkish diplomacy has finally given up the silly notion that Kurdish authorities in northern Iraq can be ignored. The decision to co-opt rather than confront the Barzani camp reflects visionary neo-Ottoman instincts.
A masked demonstrator waves a scarf with Kurdish colours during .

A masked demonstrator waves a scarf with Kurdish colours during a protest in Istanbul, Turkey, Sunday, Oct. 19, 2008.

(AP Photo/Ibrahim Usta)

Turkish citizenship: residing without interruption

Today, I would like to share two e-mails dealing with different issues. I received the first e-mail after a recent column on the requirements to obtain Turkish citizenship. My dear reader would like to know what the law means by "[must] have resided in Turkey for the last five years without any interruptions."

Forbidden to speak with civilians


So what are we going to do now? Are we not going to write down our thoughts or pen something about the information and documents that have come our way?

Risks and opportunities facing Erdoğan by EMRE USLU & ÖNDER AYTAÇ

It appears that the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) attack on the Aktütün military outpost is becoming a turning point for Turkish politics.

Where does the PKK stand now?


Leaving aside for a moment the problem of the style that he adopted in speaking these words, there were no real errors in the statement from Chief of General Staff Gen. İlker Başb

Pasha don’t preach (2)

Chief of General Staff Gen. İlker Başbuğ has accused those who criticized and questioned the army’s failure to defend our boys in Aktütün as ones who help terrorists. He also implicitly threatened them.

Turkish military: a win-win scenario

In how many NATO democracies are former military officers, including recently retired four-star generals, being arrested or indicted for allegedly orchestrating terrorism and other disruptive activities for political ends? (Please see Ergenekon case, which starts on Oct. 20.)

A macro outlook on the Kurdish question

It is necessary to deal with Turkey’s Kurdish question more carefully. Not admitting the existence of the question would only mislead us.

Başbuğ runs contrary to democracy with media rebuke

Chief of General Staff Gen. İlker Başbuğ continues to be the target of media criticism. On Tuesday, the general had strong words for the media for publishing classified information revealing that the army had known in advance about a deadly attack on the Aktütün outpost on Oct. 3, which left 17 soldiers dead.

I am still unconvinced

You know the story. On Oct. 3, 2008, hundreds of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorists crossed Turkey’s border with Iraq, carrying with them heavy weapons and many mules loaded with ammunition and attacked the Aktütün military outpost near Şemdinli.

[MONDAY TALK]Retired Colonel Işık: Turkish public says emperor has no clothes


Retired Col. Mithat Işık, known as the commander who captured Şemdin Sakık, a former leader of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), has said the Turkish public is tired of PKK terrorism and is looking for answers.

New era in combating PKK terrorism


Turkey has been dealing with terrorists for three decades. It has realized through experience that it is impossible to purge the terrorists unless the centers behind terror are adequately dealt with.

The right place to stand, Kemalism and law


The speech Chief of General Staff [Gen. İlker] Başbuğ delivered in Balıkesir and the subsequent polemic is not interesting for me; we are used to such issues.

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