… And Erkan submits the first draft

Erkan’s current dissertation commitee members: 

James D. Faubion (Rice), chair. 

George Marcus (UC Irvine), 

Carl Caldwell (Rice), 

Christopher Kelty (UCLA), 

Michael Fischer (MIT), 

Hamid Naficy (Northwestern)



The table of contents:

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the Minister apologizes!

Minister of Justice apologizes because of the death of Engin Ceber. He said investigation continues in Metris Prison and 19 officials temporarily suspended….

Pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) deputies Emine Ayna ...

Pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) deputies Emine Ayna (front L) and Ibrahim Binici (front R) hold Azadiya Welat newspapers, which is published in Turkey in Kurdish language, during a meeting at the Turkish parliament in Ankara October 14, 2008, as they are flanked by their colleagues (back). DTP deputies on Tuesday protested against a Turkish court’s decision to ban the publication of the Azadiya Welat newspaper for a month.


Heavy criticism over torture allegations

Torture and mistreatment by the state have again come to the fore after the death of a leftist activist, allegedly due to injuries from a beating by police and prison guards. Opposition deputies criticized

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Erkan interviewed in Arte TV blog; 9th Chapter finished…

As of 02.30 I had completed the 9th chapter. Hmm Erkan can manage to finish up with one day delay! I have a class in the morning, then I have all the afternoon. It is doable. I was interviewed in an ARTE TV blog interviewed me. Here is the interview with one of my cool … Read more

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