"EU laws being made scapegoat in fight against terror…

EU laws being made scapegoat in fight against terror


In the wake of what has occurred at the Aktütün border security station, we see a factor brought onto the agenda which we always see in these sorts of situations. What is being said is this, "EU laws are binding our hands and making the struggle against terror more difficult."

 Diplomats worry at slow pace of Cyprus talks – International Herald Tribune

Cyprus: Unification’s last chance / ISN

Steinmeier: Turkey Needs to Do More for EU Membership | Europe | Deutsche Welle | 05.10.2008

The Week In Books: Their name is read – Turkey in full colour – Features, Books – The Independent

EU Rehn to attend conference on Turkey-EU Relations

By Grassroots

"EU Rehn to attend conference on Turkey-EU Relations
The ‘5th Bosphorus Conference’ on ‘Turkey-EU Relations’ will take place at the Consulate General of the United Kingdom in Istanbul on October 10 and 11."

Problems of perception and vision: Turkey and the U.S


Critical good news for Turkey in a world of turbulence

In my last article I started analyzing the quality of Turkey’s global integration. I want to delay the second part of that analysis to a later date and concentrate on current progress, as we are passing through an ever-worsening global economic situation.

[A CRITICAL DECISION] Turkey’s chief EU negotiator and the AK Party government’s fate by MEHMET KALYONCU

A number of items occupy the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government’s foreign policy agenda.


Turkey and the EU three years on

It has been just over three years since the European Union opened membership negotiations with Turkey. It was clear from the start that this was going to be a complicated and long journey with many difficulties along the way.

Anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim: What is the connection?

A new Pew report has brought alarming news: Anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim attitudes are on the rise in Europe. While the negative view of Muslims is higher than that of Jews, there is an interesting correlation between the two.

‘Landmark consensus’ on forests’ pivotal climate role

Meeting in Barcelona on 8 October, representatives of governments, forest owners and forestry companies, trade unions and civil society urged world leaders to take into account the "pivotal role" forests can play in mitigating climate change.

Localisation ‘key’ to EU communication

Cooperation with regional and local media is the key to better communicating EU policy issues to citizens, concluded panellists at a debate on the issue in Brussels on 8 October, organised by the European Commission’s directorate-general for regional policy.

Basel II and the Capital Requirements Directive

Rules on capital requirements are designed to protect savers and investors from the risk of the failure or bankruptcy of banks. They ensure that these institutions hold a minimum amount of capital. The  was adopted in 2006 and is currently under review.

Misperceptions about EU


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