"Poll finds Europeans favor Obama over McCain in US

Poll finds Europeans favor Obama over McCain in US

International Herald Tribune

"Poll finds Europeans favor Obama over McCain in US

WASHINGTON: Despite some optimism in 12 European countries that Democrat Barack Obama could improve relations with Europe if elected president, most Europeans polled in a survey released Wednesday do not want closer ties with the United States.

Hypocritical Republicans

By Metin

"Whether it’s the right or the left, there’s always plenty of hypocrisy to go around when it comes to the opinion makers in the media. The objective is always to win the argument presented today, without regard for what has been done or said in the past," says Ron Shimshock of Freeople. So true! As promised, here is the second…

Hypocritical Democrats

By Metin

Stephen Frank of the Ventura County Star writes, "Democrats believe a woman can not get a job unless government sets quotas. Democrats believe minorities are too stupid to get into school without government mandates." Stephen adds, "Just as the NAACP does not consider Clarence Thomas ‘black’ enough. The Bigots on the Left do not consider Palin ‘woman’ enough." You want…

[Webshaykh’s Note: This is the most cogent and responsible commentary on McCain and Palin that I have read anywhere.]

Palin and McCain’s Shotgun Marriage
By FRANK RICH, Op-Ed Columnist, The New York Times, September 7, 2008

SARAH PALIN makes John McCain look even older than he is. And he seemed more than willing to play that part on Thursday night. By the time he slogged through his nearly 50-minute acceptance speech — longer even than Barack Obama’s — you half-expected some brazen younger Republican (Mitt Romney, perhaps?) to dash onstage to give him a gold watch and the bum’s rush……….   In Palin and McCain’s Shotgun Marriage

Seymour Hersh, hace seis meses

By Francisco Veiga

El primer ministro ruso, Vladimir Putin, explica el 28 de agosto pasado en una entrevista a la CNN, sus sospechas de que la actual adminsitración Bush estuvo detrás de la agresión georgiana contra Osetia del Sur para favorecer la canduidatura del republicano John McCain a la presidencia

Durante la reciente Convención Nacional Republicana que designó a John MacCain como candidato a la Presidencia de los Estados Unidos de América para las próximas elecciones del mes de noviembre, se pudo constatar con claridad cómo éste se lanzaba a en profundidad a sacar partido de la reciente crisis ruso-georgiana.

Economy becomes US election battleground

Last week, as the Republican Party chose John McCain, the senior US senator from Arizona, as its nominee for US president, a barrage of bad economic news about the US economy shook the political landscape.

The 20 questions we would ask Sarah Palin

By Rebecca Frankel

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Though Republican campaign handlers have resisted the clamoring of "elitist," mud-slinging reporters for a press conference with Sarah Palin, the VP nominee will sit down for her first campaign-trail interview with ABC‘s Charlie Gibson at some point later this week. While campaign advisor Rick Davis says she’s not scared to answer questions, Palin is said to be enduring some intense cram sessions with foreign policy tutors like Joe Lieberman.

No improvement in EU-US ties under McCain, say Europeans

Europeans are convinced that relations with the US can only improve if Barack Obama is elected as the next US President on 4 November, while they expect no changes if Americans choose John McCain as their next leader, a new survey reveals.

McCain’s Lies, and Obama’s Unbruised Fists

By Andrew Hearst

McCain-Palin: lipstick on a pig I’ve been trying to hatch another Palin-related magazine spoof, because it’s fertile ground and I’m confident I’ll be able to come up with some funny concepts. But right now, almost two weeks into this festival of absurdity, it’s clear who’s ultimately responsible for how badly Obama is getting hammered this week: Obama himself. Yes, the media are not shying away from their perennial role as Bringers of the Stupid.

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