"Ordinary Folks

Ordinary Folks

by Cheryl Rofer

I’ve been thinking some of this, on and off, but maybe now is the time to say it.

Barack Obama looks like ordinary folks I’m accustomed to. Yes, I’m white, and yes, I grew up in largely white northern New Jersey, but Obama is about the same age as, and looks a bit like, the son of my bff. She qualifies as bff because we have been more or less that status since our ages were in the single digits. Some things won’t ever change.

The Convention That Ate My Brain!!!

A True Story of Horror in St. Paul

by Cheryl Rofer

It was a dark and stormy night. The rain came down in squadrons, which is actually a good thing here in New Mexico. And I couldn’t pull my eyes away from the magnetic pull of the flat computer screen as Sarah Palin’s gynecological history paraded before my eyes.

It was the unknown mixture of imagined and real that was so compelling, along with the sheer everydayness that was being manufactured before my eyes. Do you have kids? Hey, sometimes they behave badly? Ever get pregnant unexpectedly? And if none of this has happened to you, you certainly know someone who has lived through something similar! So you will vote for Sarah Palin!

Obama or McCain?


Europe Should Balance the United States

David P. Calleo: Nowadays, the transatlantic alliance is challenged by different geopolitical interests of each partner. Especially the European side, however, should not get blinded by its forthcoming importance, but remember that balancing interests is always necessary, even among friends.

Accounting for Family Values

The most fascinating thing about the GOP nomination of John McCain and Sarah Palin as their ticket to extend Republican control of the White House is that there is no accounting for family values this time around. Starting at the top, there’s John McCain himself. After fourteen years of marriage (the kind that most in the Bible Belt would say has “to-death-do-us-part” vows) he went to a party (not a revival meeting) and fell in love with a 24 year old socialite who just happened to be an heiress to a fortune from her father, who owned the main Budweiser Beer (a kind of alcohol that Christians must not let touch their lips) distributor company in Arizona.

John McCain is a Cylon, and Palin is Roslin.

By Xeni Jardin

A fearless truth-seeker who isn’t afraid to go where mainstream media is terrified to tread sneaks us this breaking (!) blogsclusive, a deeply troubling discovery at the highest levels of power.

The Palin Doctrine: Alaska governor Sarah Palin weighs in on international affairs and foreign policy, including globalization, the Russia problem, the China threat, and the arms race

Panopticist makes up a fake FP cover. Original here.

Repairing America’s Image Abroad Will Take Time

Mark Brzezinski and Lanny A. Breuer: The US government abuses the law and ignores human rights in the name of security; this shapes the American image abroad and undermines strategic US objectives. American credibility as a standard setter in human rights suffered a major setback. It will take time to repair this damage.

The American promise ‘Obama’by MUSTAFA GÖKÇEK

It was set to be a historic speech long ago. The Democratic Party’s nomination acceptance speech was scheduled to be on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a dream” speech.

The Support the Palins Really Need

By Ellen Crosby on Northern Virginia

Ever since John McCain picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate, many have lavished praise on her decision not to have an abortion after she and her husband learned that their youngest child, Trig, would be born with Down syndrome. Do those telling Palin "attagirl" and "way to go" have any idea what challenges and struggles Trig’s parents — and all of us who care for children with special needs — live with every day? Though everyone cheered the Palin family in Minnesota this week, will those people be there for that little boy and his family when their support is really needed?

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