Official figures from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜIK) have revealed that 16,396 girls aged between 15 and 17 gave birth across Turkey in 2016, as well as 234 girls younger than 15.
Ahval – Can Teoman

When the Turkish government blocked access to YouTube and Twitter in the wake of the widespread 2013 Gezi Park protests and a corruption scandal months later, then U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Douglas Frantz held a

Reuters – Jan 25, 3:00 AM

Turkey’s president has said he wants to create a “pious generation” to change the nation. So the government is pouring money into schools that teach Islamic values

According to research conducted by Hacettepe University’s Migration and Politics Research Center, the population of Syrians in Turkey will exceed five million within the next 10 years, daily Birgün reported on Jan. 23.
Enver Ercan was the editor of Varlik Publishing after founder Yaşar Nabi (1908-1981) and Kemal Özer (1935-2009).

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Enver Ercan (Istanbul, January 21, 1958-2018)

Enver Ercan was born in Istanbul in 1958. He studied at Haydarpaşa High School. Since 1985, he has prepared and directed literary pages for newspapers and magazines such as “Güneş”, “Sabah”, “Yeni Düşün”, and “Varlık”. His poems have been published in many literary magazines including “Broy”, “Gösteri”, “Milliyet Sanat”, “Yeni Düşün”, “Yeni Olgu”, and “Varlık”. Since 1990, Ercan has served as a director of the literary magazine “Varlık”. In 2001, he founded the Komşu publications and has published literary magazines such as “Yasak-meyve” and “Sıcak Nal”.

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