Eurosphere agenda: “Interactive map: 15 years of European migrant deaths…”Murder overshadows Brexit referendum campaign…


Austrian designer Moriz Büsing created this grim interactive map of migrant and refugee deaths on the way to Europe, or trying to stay in Europe; over 32,000 deaths in 15 years

The medical aid charity Medecins Sans Frontieres says it will no longer take funds from the European Union in protest at its migration policy.
Campaigning for June 23 referendum suspended after pro-EU campaigner Jo Cox, 41, is shot dead in northern England.
The motivation behind the murder of Labour MP and Brexit opponent Jo Cox on Thursday remains unclear. The killer is said to have shouted “Britain first” during his assault and there is speculation that he is mentally disturbed. What impact will the attack have with just a few days to go before the Brexit referendum?
Croatia’s government fell Thursday (17 June) after Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic lost a confidence vote in parliament, in a serious blow to the country’s nationalist rulers after only five months in power.

The European Union has severely undermined perceptions of sovereignty and it will fail unless EU citizens regain their voice in the policy process. Might a fully-fledged federalist project do that?


All eyes on the EU Skills Agenda

Unemployment rates continue to run high across Europe; 10 June saw the European Commission publish its much-anticipated Skills Agenda. It is a welcome step towards addressing this challenge, and one that will need to be further built upon, writes Alba Xhixha.
Brexit’s Impact on the World Economy

The febrile behavior of financial markets ahead of the UK’s “Brexit” referendum on June 23 shows that the outcome will influence economic and political conditions around the world far more profoundly than Britain’s share of global GDP might suggest. In fact, for three reasons, a Brexit vote could catalyze another global crisis.

Spain’s Podemos Party publishes its manifesto in Ikea Catalog form


Spain’s anti-austerity, left-wing Podemos (“We Can”) Party (previously), which grew out of Spain’s Occupy-like Indignados movement, has just published its election manifesto for the June 26 election —

Ikea-style politics

Presenting their manifesto in an Ikea-style catalogue proves Spain’s newest party Podemos knows how to grab young voters’ attention, says Prof Manuel Arias-Maldonado.
Uefa opens disciplinary proceedings against Russia’s Football Union after crowd disturbances at the Euro 2016 match between England and Russia

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