Thousands of Turkish students have raised their voices in online campaigns to build Jedi and Buddhist temples at their universities, after a series of mosques were constructed on their campuses by rectors who stressed “huge demand.”
Education and Science Workers’ Union have called teachers to boycott their first class today after the death of math teacher Halil Serkan Öz.
Kurdish women’s unknown history of struggle

How did this happen, especially in Turkey, where women in general are oppressed and Kurdish women specifically are more oppressed than their Turkish counterparts?

open Movements
The openMovements series invites leading social scientists to share their research results and perspectives on contemporary social struggles.

Bulletin PISM, no 25 (757), 3 March 2015 The Polish Institute of International Affairs Pinar Elman * In denouncing the current Egyptian government, Turkey has become further isolated in the regional arena, especially after Qatar started shifting its position on Egypt towards one more favourable. Combined with previous diplomatic failures involving key players in the […]
FIIA Briefing Paper (Finnish Institute of International Affairs) 175, March 2015 Toni Alaranta * Since the end of the Cold War, Turkey has developed multi-level cooperation with Russia, characterized by increasing economic ties. In its ideological confrontation with the West, and revisionist foreign policy stance in the Middle East, the Turkish government has been careful […]

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