Erdogan has all but destroyed Turkish journalism | Yavuz Baydar

Journalists are being intimidated and imprisoned, while government-friendly moguls are given lucrative contracts. The free media is on the verge of extinction
Among journalists, the truth universally acknowledged is that bad news commands more column inches than good. In Turkey, the even more depressing truism is that much of the bad news has to do with the news industry itself.

Turkey’s parliament has approved a key article of the contentious omnibus bill which gives power to the prime minister and other ministers to shut down websites within four hours, just six months after a similar bill was overturned by the Constitutional Court.
Rather than drawing closer together, the EU and Turkey are drifting apart, non-governmental organization the Independent Turkish Commission warned
A delegation from the European Parliament Foreign Relations Committee headed by Elmar Brok had talks in the Turkish capital Ankara on March 17
Police assaulted Newroz celebrators in the southeastern province of Batman yesterday with tear gas, rubber bullets and cannoned water. Several injuries were reported.

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