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Around 45 vehicles were involved in a multiple collision accident on the TEM highway on Feb. 11 in western Istanbul as snowfall in the city and surrounding regions has been continuing.

Istanbul Tunnel is 140 years old

The historic Istanbul tunnel, the worlds second oldest underground metro, is 140 years old and serves to carry passengers between Karakoy and .

Lakerda, photo by Ansel Mullins
The fatty torik – the Turkish name for a large, mature Atlantic bonito, similar to the little tunny – courses the straits of the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles for just a short period each year in November and December. Yet the people of Istanbul eat it year-round by preserving the fish in a light brine, something it seems they have been doing for millennia – the Byzantines even minted coins with an image of the fish. Making lakerda is more than a means to preserve bonito for the rest of the year, however; it’s part of the city’s culinary instinct.

The Directorate General of Foundations has taken one minaret of an Istanbul icon, the historical Sultanahmet Mosque with six minarets, under restoration on that grounds that the minaret had shifted.

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