Ölen Suudi Kralı için Türk Bayrağı yarıya indi, Suudi Bayrağı inmedi
Turkish national flag to be flown at half-mast across Turkey and at foreign delegations on Jan. 24
When considered in retrospect, it can be observed that the murder of Mumcu did not only aim at a journalist, and freedom of the press. I was part of a bigger picture – 1993 was a very bad year for Turkey.
In reply to a parliamentary question, the German government has declared that it is against labeling the 1915 events as genocide
Tens of thousands of Kurds staged a protest Saturday in Turkey’s southeast against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed. In its first issue after a January 7 attack by Islamist gunmen on its headquarters that killed 12 people, Charlie Hebdo featured an image of the prophet weeping on its front cover.


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