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Is Erdogan rewriting history?


Rewriting history according to one’s own religious beliefs is a highly controversial and perilous enterprise.

Cengiz Aktar
Cengiz Aktar is Senior Scholar at Istanbul Policy Center. As a former director at the United Nations where he spent 22 years of his professional life, Aktar is one of the leading advocates of Turkey’s integration into the EU.


Erdogan would have done better to recall the anti-Islamic zeal of Spanish conquerors of America, writes Aktar [AFP]

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has recently come under fire for statements he made on the role of Muslims in history that have been widely construed as blatant – even clumsy – revisionism. On November 15, at a conference with Latin American politicians and scholars, Erdogan claimed that “Muslim seafarers” had discovered the Americas three centuries before Italian explorer Christopher Columbus had done…..

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