After 15 hours, the judge decided for another hearing (on July, 14) without any new decisions. Despite some brave witness evidence, no policeman accused of torturing Ali İsmail Korkmaz was jailed…



The 19-year-old was savagely beaten with sticks by plainclothes men while participating in a demo in Eskişehir
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Ali İsmail’in ailesi mahkeme salonunda 10.00’da başlayacak duruşmayı bekliyor… #AliİsmailKorkmaz

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Amnesty Turkey [email protected] 30m #AliİsmailKorkmaz için adalet talep eden yüzlerce kişinin fotoğrafından oluşan portre Kayseri’de adliyenin önünde!

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Birleşik Metal-İş [email protected]   Adalet için, insanlık için! #AliİsmailKorkmaz

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