R.I.P for Kerim Ökten….

Posted by on April 10th, 2014
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Sad. Turkish photographer Kerim Ökten dies after lightning hits his bike http://bit.ly/1k9rqxQ  His great 2013 pic pic.twitter.com/QueUWwwvLZ

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Kerim Ökten, one of Turkey?s most talented photoreporters, passed away April 10 after suffering from a road accident caused by thunder while riding his bike in the northern Çanakkale province

EPA Foto Muhabiri Kerim Ökten Yaşamını Yitirdi: Ökten’in Çektiği Önemli Kareler http://www.baskahaber.org/2014/04/epa-foto-muhabiri-kerim-okten-yasamn.html ? pic.twitter.com/jYCcLLHXrZ

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