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Erkan collects metal related news in another blog: musicadiabolus

25 Songs to Thrash to on National Metal Day


While there’s a time and place for moving ballads and soothing soft rock, sometimes you just need to thrash like a maniac to blister-inducing guitar shredding

Today is that day.

In honor of National Metal Day


New Study Says Metalheads Don’t Like Religion And Love Being Unique

2K Metal Injection by Greg Kennelty  /  15h  //  keep unread  //  trash  //  preview

We’ve written about a few interesting sociological studies, like studies that show metal makes you happy, loud music makes you want to be intoxicated, and emo haircuts aka the cry-sheild will give you lazy eye, but this one takes the cake. Are you ready to basically read all about yourself? Or get really butthurt?

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