Can?t Find the Whistleblower? Arrest a Scapegoat and Imprison & Torture Him Instead!

The most common trend of surveillance states in the recent years is to chase after whistleblowers and attempt to limit citizens? information sources that are not of government version of events. Secret information on the other hand has lured attention of millions of people at all times. In the last few years, names of Julian Assange, Bradley (Chelsea) Manning and Edward Snowden have become more popular among ordinary civilians and people from all over the world have found courage in their deeds in revealing the government secrets. The secrecy of private and personal information is one thing, yet it is a completely different thing when someone reveals out the information proving wrongdoings of a government.

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Did RedHack Prevent a Possible Intervention Against Syria from Turkey?

Pvt. Utku Kali

Pvt. Utku Kali



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