Google is working with Harvard and MIT?s edX platform to help anyone create online courses

A little over a year since Harvard and MIT joined forces to launch the not-for-profit online learning venture edX, Google has announced that it?s to start working with edX to build an open MOOC (massive open online course) platform, hosted at


The Complete Works of Leo Tolstoy Online: New Archive Will Present 90 Volumes for Free (in Russian)

This is surely worth a quick heads up: Leo Tolstoy?s entire body of work ? all 46,000 pages of it ? will appear on the web site. According to Tolstoy?s great-great-granddaughter Fyokla Tolstaya, all of the author?s novels, short stories, fairy tales, essays and personal letters will be made freely available in PDF, FB2 and EPUB formats (which you can easily load onto a Kindle, iPad or almost any other ebook reader). She goes on totell the Russian newspaper RIA Novosti that the ?90-volume edition was scanned and proofread three times by more than 3,000 volunteers from 49 countries.? Truly an incredible crowdsourcing feat.


Network Analysis Reveals World’s Most Influential Thinkers

Want to become a leading thinker? A new network analysis reveals the thinkers who most influence the rest of us and suggests ways to join this elite list


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