Turkish police used excessive force in Gezi protests, Interior Ministry?s report says

Police exercised ?excessive force? in trying to quell the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul and İzmir

With a Burst of Color, Turkey’s Public Walkways Become a Focus of Quiet Protest

When city authorities in Istanbul attempted to quash the initiative of a public-spirited citizen who painted a set of public steps in bright colors, their heavy handed response started a new wave of protests.

Turkish PM Erdoğan accuses EU of ?smear campaign?

Redirecting his wrath from the interest lobby to the EU, PM Erdoğan accuses the 28-member bloc of conducting a ?smear campaign? against Ankara

EP rapporteur offers advice on Gezi unrest

EU Parliament?s rapporteur Ria Oomen-Ruijten calls on Turkish government to guarantee the right of protests as she brings the EU intake on the much debated Gezi interventions.


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