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The BBC has stated that its partnership with NTV is “under review” in response to our petition that has now been signed by over 3500 people!

This is still NOT good enough as the BBC has said that “at present” it has made the “difficult decision” that “it is better for our audiences that the BBC is broadcasting via NTV in Turkey than if it were not.”

NTV bias continues – help put further pressure on the BBC and NTV by tweeting and sharing these messages:

– İmza Kampanyası Katılın!: BBC, NTV ile olan ortaklığını askıya almalı chn.ge/133Edar

– Sign petition: BBC – stop your partnership with biased NTV News in Turkey chn.ge/133Edar

We have asked the BBC for a further response.

You can read:
1. A response to the BBC (8/6/13): http://goo.gl/5Ykal

1. Email from Peter Horrocks (7/6/13), Head of BBC Global News (in English): http://goo.gl/CJrv9

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