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album of the week

a forgotten gem:

M-16 by Sodom

erkan’s best of- song 033

Kreator: World Anarchy

new stuff

Sever the Wicked Hand

~ Crowbar

Black Rivers Flow

~ Lazarus A.D.


older stuff

by Therion

Angry Machines

by Dio

Alice in Hell (2001)
by Annihilator

Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed
by Pale Sketcher

Stone Cold Sober
by Tankard

Broken by Nine Inch Nails

special interest

Weiland (2006)
by Empyrium

tribute to the ancestors

by Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads

Highway to Hell
Riding With the King
by Eric Clapton and B. B. King
Me & Mr Johnson
by Eric Clapton

For Those About to Rock We Salute You



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