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Posted by on November 15th, 2010
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sevcan duz 500x332 Sevcan Çelik

Me and my late posts.. I am trying to schedule my life these days. I have to work hard all weekdays and on the other hand I have a ?thesis? on Digital Media and Branding. I need organize everything in a routine way. Otherwise I will screw up.

Anyway, nowadays I am a little excited about putting news thing in my life. I decided to do something and my dream will come true. So I will have 3 major thing to do during this 6 months. One is my job, one is my thesis and one is my dreamJ

Also I can easily say that, it does not mean that I came to end of my social life. No! Conversely, from now on I will go more places.

So let me tell some of the event that I?ve been at last week.

Maybe you know, there was an Global Entrepreneurship week between 5-12 November. Istanbul Bilgi University hosted this event and I?ve been two different places in that week. One of them was about Speed Networking which was a chance for students to meet with mentors, managers of the big companies in Dolapdere Campus. Last year I was a student who had a chance to meet my company and this year (after a while of ringing the whistle) I was the person who was a mentor.

The other event was in SantralIstanbul which was a panel about E-Entrepreneurship on Digital Age. There was many important guests such as E-bebek, Webrazzi, Galata Business Angels, BilgiMBA and Coca Cola Marketing Department. It was a really nice experience to see them talking together for about 2 hours.

Between these events, I had a wonderful night with Efes Pilsen Blues Festival 21. They had 24 concerts in 20 cities and the last stop was Istanbul. We were in Blues with Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88s, Kenny Neal and Samuel James for about 4 hours!

I wrote about all the events live through twitter.(@sevcance) And I will tweet also the nexts events. Fyi:)

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