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Semih Kaplanoğlu’s Bal becomes the official nominee for Turkey’s Oscar bid… And I have managed not to see the film yet….

Anti-Israel flotilla thriller for Turkey | The Jewish Chronicle

By Sami Kohen, September 16, 2010

An anti-Israeli movie featuring a Turkish agent avenging the killing of the nine Turks aboard the Gaza-bound flotilla in May will be shown in Turkish cinemas next month.

The Valley of the Wolves – Palestine is a follow-up to the movie The Valley of the Wolves – Iraq, which three years ago showed a Turkish agent fighting the US occupation forces in Iraq. At the time, the film caused considerable tension between the US and Turkey and was seen as one reason for the growing anti-Americanism in Turkey.”

5 Indie Films that Couldn?t Be Made Without Social Media

from Mashable! by Michael Bennett Cohn

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