Tonight, the 3rd episode of Sosyal Medya

Posted by on September 8th, 2010
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sosyalmedya1 500x375 Erkans TV career (!) begins tonight

the 3rd week in Sosyal Medya. I am in the studio. We have fixed an important problem: how to transfer web interactivity to the TV screen. Now we are ready to receive our audience’s questions through our twitter account:
Tonight we have four guests: Haluk Şahin, a well known professor of communication, who will talk about the differences between traditional and online journalism. Ahmet Yeşiltepe is the chief editor of NTVMSNBC and a practitioner in online journalism. Kürşat Oğuz is from HaberTurk and will talk about the moderation issues in online news comments made by viewers. Finally, Hıdır Geviş will talk about online marketing… Ok. Back to work…

the program can be watched here.

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