Fazıl Say might be a good musician…

Posted by on July 31st, 2010
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Fazıl Say might be a good musician…
but he is definitely not a good communicator. He keeps making statements on every social/political issue in an utterly arrogant and elitist manner. He sometimes explicitly insults people but some will always tolerate him because he is a self-appointed secularist crusader… He will be marketed abroad as a victim of Islamic hegemony although what he does has nothing to do with secularist standing. He is just an anti-social prodigy who is tolerated for his never ending bullshitting.
the latest instance. He declared in his twitter account:
“Türk halkının arabesk yavşaklığından utanıyorum”
[I am ashamed of Turkish people for her faggish liking of arabesk music]
I am of sick of this guy. Always trying to have attention by making such statements like this…

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