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Spanish Presidency official site.

Spain takes over EU presidency as Turkey eyes progress

Spanish Council presidency website is a failure

by Julien Frisch

I totally agree with The European Citizen and Grahnlaw that the website of the Spanish EU Council presidency is a failure, uninspiring and absolutely not useful for the public.

Spain?s EU Council presidency website: New treaty ? old communications

by Grahnlaw

After Sweden with the last presidency of the Council of the European Union, mainly under the Treaty of Nice, Spain?s presidency website ? the first with the Lisbon Treaty in force from day one ? paradoxically feels like a throwback to old times: European Digital Agenda in 2010 on first day of Spanish EU Council presidency (1 January 2010).

Mr Bean stumbles on to EU website

from – World, Europe
Inauspicious start for Spanish presidency as hackers vandalise website with British buffoon

How the Spanish EU Council Presidency can be a success

by Julien Frisch

In two days, the Spanish EU Council Presidency will take over from the Swedish Council Presidency, and the Spanish will be the first rotating presidency under the Lisbon Treaty system.

The new institutional setting will need some adaptation, people and institutions will need time to find their roles and their routines, and we shouldn’t be too critical if some things don’t work out perfectly at the beginning.

European Digital Agenda in 2010 on first day of Spanish EU Council presidency

by Grahnlaw

What does the Spanish presidency of the Council of the European Union hold in store for the European Digital Agenda in 2010?

At the same time, searching for statements regarding specific policies offers a test of the functionality of the Spanish presidency web pages on the first day of the new year (and possibly hints for improvements).

Denouncing the EU Lisbon Treaty ? UK Tories and the long grass

by Grahnlaw

In the blog post Gerald Warner and the Song of Songs of unsophistication (20 October 2009), I rejected Warner?s Telegraph column view that Britain could revoke the Lisbon Treaty and return to the ?status quo ante? after the amending treaty has entered into force.

George Soros: Spanish Leadership for Europe?s Roma

from Project Syndicate
Continued discrimination against Roma in Europe not only violates human dignity, but is a major social problem crippling the development of Eastern European countries with large Roma populations. Spain, which has been more successful in dealing with its Roma problem than other countries, can take the lead this month as it assumes the EU presidency.

European Digital Agenda: EU Council presidency trio Spain, Belgium and Hungary

by Grahnlaw

In the blog post European Digital Agenda in 2010 on first day of Spanish EU Council presidency (1 January 2010), we mentioned the TTE Council?s 18 December 2009 conclusions on the post i2010 information society strategy for the European Union and tried to find out how they would be carried on by the Spanish presidency in 2010. The summary of Spain?s work programme was far from conclusive, so we advanced to the [Draft] programme of the presidency trio.

Citizens in the EU Information Society (European Digital Agenda)

by Grahnlaw

The previous Grahnlaw blog post EU: Last call for copyright comments! Consultation closing (30 December 2009) was, in its own humble way, an example of European cross-border networking in the digital age.

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