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As Hamburg beats Galatasaray 3-2 in UEFA Cup many GS fans fell into shame and depression while their arch-rival Fenerbahçe fans were laughing their a**es off.  Many football fans believed that GS would play the UEFA final at their rival’s stadium. My dear friend, Çetin fan had already become stressed because of this future development. GS flags in Fenerbahçe’s stadium would be an unforgettable memory for ages. We, Beşiktaş fans, as usual, could not have an homogenous attitude. I would not like to see GS fans boasting about their success in all years to come but at the same time, embarrasing FB, who always boasts about its stadium where the UEFA final take place this year, could be such a fantastic scene. In the end, GS lost after 2-0 ahead. My brother, a GS fan, was in deep sorrow while Çetin was like flying. 

In this video, a FB fan columnist cannot stop laughing for half a minute while a GS administrator, who is seen on the lower right, was crying… 

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  1. Sean Jeating

    Ha Ha Ha … HSV! 😉

    March 21st, 2009 at 02:13 (Reply)

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