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Ebru and I had managed to stress ourselves to the end last Friday night. I don’t know how it started. We had studied in Ebru’s temporary office all day, in a base-floor office with no windows. It was an unlikely cloudy and depressive weather Houston had. Ebru was working on a particular chapter she has been writing. She plans to defend in April. I was writing my acknowledgments section and working on Monday’s defense presentation. I was anxious with my messy, sometimes chaotic writing style. This grew in me so intensely that I had lived another night I don’t want to have another one ever again.

Good things. I now know to whom I will dedicate my dissertation. It is a public figure, not someone I know directly. Guess who? I am happy to have decided that. 


Erkan’s fascination with all-American food places. Wings n Things was visited yesterday:)

Anyway, now Houston has its another bright sunny day. I recovered and I am on my way to the campus….

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  1. Kathrine

    Best of luck for the defense, I hope you are able to feel somewhat relaxed. Although it doesn’t help that it is called a “defense”, not a very useful term. Remember you are the expert in your own dissertation. After all you have already explained, presented and defended your project so many times while actually carrying it on.
    I will be thinking of you tomorrow and I know you will be fine.
    all the best

    December 7th, 2008 at 15:21 (Reply)

  2. Hans

    Wish you all the best Today!!!!!

    December 8th, 2008 at 08:31 (Reply)

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